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We opened in 1992 as a regular pet food store but quickly learned that all pet foods are not created equal. After much research and meeting with veterinarians involved in holistic pet care/nutrition, our store began undergoing some changes, In 1994, we became "The Health Food Store for Pets".Ilsa

Pet nutrition is a growing area of interest as we become aware that 80-90% of health problems in ourselves and our pets can be directly related to poor nutrition, faulty digestion and malabsorption of nutrients.
The increase we are seeing in the incidence of "human diseases" in our pets results from changing their natural diet in the wild to highly processed foods when we domesticated them.

At Healthy Paws, we have chosen what we believe to be the best foods available - those made with human grade meats and grains preserved naturally with vitamins and having concentrated nutrition. This means that your pets require less food to get better nutritional value. As a result, specialty or natural super-premium pet foods do not cost any more to feed than grocery store or well known "name brands". You can usually cut your pet's consumption by one-third to one-half when you feed top notch ingredients - it's quality not quantity.

When you increase the quality of ingredients, your pet is able to digest and use more of the food which means you clean up less! Your pet will be happier and healthier and most likely will require less medical care.

The new buzz word in our society is "all natural". This does not guarantee quality - it just means that the manufacturer has not added any chemicals during processing. It does not mean that the ingredients were not chemically sprayed or preserved prior to being purchased.
Beware of food marked "no preservatives". The minute pet food is bagged, stored and then opened it starts to lose freshness. Some form of preservative must be used - the most desirable are vitamin formulations which keep the ingredients stable.

When you come to Healthy Paws, our goal is to inform you about holistic pet nutrition and to help you choose food & supplements with your pet's best interest at heart. You won't find any gimmicks here - just helpful information. Any information provided is not intended as medical advice. For serious medical problems, contact your animal health practitioner.

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