Holistic Pet Care


Holistic pet care takes into account not only your pet's physical state of health but also the emotional/mental factors in their lives.Pet Herbs

A pet's general health, decline into illness and return to health depends not only what you put into your pet but also on other factors in their environment - stress, fear, anxiety, pollution, toxins and chemicals. So, when you come into our store, we don't just talk to you about your pet's diet, we ask you lots of questions about the other things going on in your pet's life too!


Our domesticated pets are suffering from and dying from many illnesses that were unknown to them twenty years ago - diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, kidney/bladder ailments and many more pets are euthanized for skin problems, behaviour problems and mobility problems. Our pets used to die from natural causes and old age!Holistic Herbs Image

 It is estimated that 80-90% of health problems are directly related to diet. If you change your pet to a healthier diet, add supplements and pay attention to the other factors (drinking water, stress, chemicals, etc.), there is a good chance you can reduce your pet's medical costs and prevent some of these debilitating diseases. Our pets are healthier at 15 and 16 than they were as "youngsters" when we didn't know what we were feeding and trusted the experts.