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If you have any questions regarding your pet, please e-mail us or call us atNatures Herbs For Pets (519) 344-3443 OR TOLL FREE AT 1-888-775-7387.

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At Healthy Paws Pet Nutrition Centre, our goal is to provide knowledge to pet owners about holistic pet care and make available high quality products for the optimum health of your pet.

Since the opening of our store in 1992, we have been successful in helping many people improve the health of their pets and find solutions to many long-standing problems . Sometimes this has occurred after exhausting and expensive searches for help. We have had many testimonials.

Our philosophy is:

We are a health food store for pets (the first in Southwestern Ontario!). We do not diagnose or prescribe but can provide you with information about pet health. We have gained this information from copious reading, attending seminars, personal experience and conferring with holistic veterinarians. Please use this information to complement the advice from your holistic animal practitioner.

Mike McKegney, Pet Nutrition Consultant, Certified practitioner of Reiki & Bach Flower Essences

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